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Tuition and Fees



All students are expected to become familiar with the financial obligations they will incur while attending Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School.

Approximate semester expenses do not include books, supplies, fees, medical insurance or personal expenses. Graduate students may choose to live on- or off-campus. Chicago on-campus housing is available, but limited. Please direct housing inquiries to Residence Life at or 312-329-4189. Graduate students have the option to include a meal plan. Please direct inquiries to Food Services 312-329-4324.

Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School students are required to pay their bills, in full, by the first day of classes each semester or to enroll in the Moody Payment Plan.

If students are expecting institutional scholarships, outside scholarships, stipends, or loans to help cover their balance and they are not awarded by Moody’s due date, students are still responsible to make payments on time for the amount due.

Methods of Payment

  1. Students may make debit/credit card* payments at by opening the Student Center and clicking on "Finances/Payment Plans/Refunds" (Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted*). Students may also use this portal to authorize other parties to pay toward their school bill. Note that third-party payments (from someone other than the student's custodial parent) should be reported as a resource on the student's FAFSA.

  2. Others** making payments towards a student’s bill may make payments online with a debit/credit card* at Moody’s Non-Student Payment website (Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted*).

  3. Payments by check or money order† may be sent payable to:
    Moody Bible Institute
    Attn: Student Accounts
    820 N. LaSalle Blvd.
    Chicago, IL 60610

*Payments made by credit/debit card may incur a 2.75% Service fee.

**Outside scholarship payments and matriculation deposits may not be made online.

†Please include student name and ID number on all checks and money orders. Allow 2-3 weeks for mail delivery.

Semester Program Costs

Estimated Cost (per semester)
On-campus student (9 credit hours)  –  $10,505
Off-campus student (9 credit hours)  –  $4,265


These prices include tuition, room, and fees (on-campus). They do not include books, supplies, medical insurance or personal expenses.

Application Fee (non-refundable, due at time of submitting application) $50
Matriculation Deposit (due at time of acceptance) $100
Tuition (per credit hour) $430
Student Fees (per semester, required)  
Campus Network fee (required if living on campus) $100
Student activity fee (per credit hour, caps at 9 credits) $20
Student Council fee (per credit hour) $5
Ventra U-Pass* (applied to all students taking 9 credits or more with minimum of one on-ground Chicago campus course) $150
Other Fees as Applicable  
Certificate or Degree extension fee $50
Graduation Fee $125
Insurance Handling Fee (per semester if required or taken, see Medical Insurance) $20
Late Payment fee $25
Parking Fee (per vehicle) $175
Payment plan enrollment fee $60
Retreat Fee (variable) $10-$30
Returned ACH/Check Fee $30
Validation Exam Fee $100
Housing (per semester)
Jenkins Apartments
Married/Single $6,140
Double, per person $4,195
Triple, per person $3,480
Security Deposit* (one-time payment) $250
Modular Housing (per class) $189
Board (per semester)
10 meals per week (available to Jenkins Hall residents only) $1,715


All prices quoted are subject to change without notice

*The Security Deposit for Jenkins Hall apartments is held until the student moves out. The Deposit is returned to the student upon request at move out less any damages to the apartment beyond normal wear and tear. 

Graduate students may choose to live on- or off-campus. Chicago on-campus housing is available, but limited. Please direct housing inquiries to Residence Life at or 312-329-4189. Graduate students have the option to include a meal plan. Please direct inquiries to Food Services at 312-329-4324

For a complete list of fees please see the Academic Catalog

Medical Insurance

All full-time residential students (students living in Moody-owned housing) on the Chicago campus, international students on all campuses, and all BSMAT students completing technical coursework are required to be covered by Moody’s health insurance plan, or an approved comparable plan for the entire time that they are enrolled as a student, including breaks between semesters. International students are not allowed to waive the Moody health insurance plan. All students are personally responsible for any health care expenses not covered by their insurance (deductibles, copayments, excluded items and services, etc.). Students are responsible for full compliance with all terms and conditions of their insurance policy, and for following the payment policy of the health care provider, office, clinic, or hospital from which they receive services. This may mean that payment is required at the time of service.

All students required to have coverage will be automatically enrolled in and charged the Individual Moody Student Health Insurance Plan premium and will remain on that plan unless we receive a waiver form. If a student chooses to be covered under another insurance plan, the student must provide Moody with evidence that insurance is in effect by submitting a completed Student Insurance Waiver through his or her student portal. This form must be submitted with a copy of both sides of their current insurance card every semester in which the student is enrolled.

The approved alternative insurance plan must be comparable in coverage to the plan offered by Moody and must cover the student for the entire academic year. The deadline to submit enrollment/waiver documents is July 25 for the fall semester and December 14 for the spring semester. Students who do not submit documents prior to these deadlines will remain on the Moody Student Health Insurance Plan and will be responsible for the full semester premium. Commuter students are eligible to participate in the Moody Student Health Insurance Plan provided that one or more of the following conditions apply:

  1. Full-time status
  2. Educational Ministries students completing their student teaching
  3. Graduating seniors in their final semester

All international students with F-1 status, their spouses, and dependent children are required to carry health insurance when those dependents are living with the student. International students may not waive the Moody Student Health Insurance Plan.

Listed below are the prices for Moody Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2018–2019 academic year. A separate $20 insurance handling fee is assessed to each student, per semester, regardless of type of coverage if insurance is required or taken. Please note dependent coverage is only available for international students.

Insurance Fees
Policy Fall 2018 Spring and Summer 2019
Individual $797 $1,233
Student and Spouse (international only) $1,594 $2,466
Student and Family (international only) $2,391 $3,699
Student and Children (international only) $1,594 $2,466


Note: If both husband and wife are students, they may each enroll under the Individual plan.

Note: Waivers submitted after July 25 (fall) and December 14 (spring) will be subject to a $10 late fee. Waivers not accepted after August 1 (fall) and December 21 (spring).

Moody Payment Plan

The Moody Payment Plan is an interest-free alternative to a lump sum payment of the student bill. It is administered by the Student Accounts Office in Moody Central. The plan is available to all campus students with the exception of international students (F-1 Visa holders) attending their first semester.

This plan allows the semester total to be split into monthly payments (see table below).

Enrollment and Activation

Students are eligible to enroll in the Moody Payment Plan each semester. Enrollment requires a down payment and a non-refundable $60 enrollment fee.

Summer 2019 Payment Plan is available now.

Last Day to
Enroll Online
Down Payment
Number of
Payment Dates
Payments on the 5th
Apr 25 30% 2 May & June 5th
May 24 50% 1 June 5th only
Payments on the 20th
May 9 30% 2 May & June 20th
June 11 50% 1 June 20th only

NOTE: All down payments are processed immediately!

Fall 2019 Payment Plan is available June 3, 2019.

Last Day to
Enroll Online
Down Payment
Number of
Payment Dates
Payments on the 5th
June 23 10% 5 July-Nov 5th
July 25 20% 4 Aug-Nov 5th
Aug 24 25% 3 Sept-Nov 5th
Sept 26 40% 2 Oct & Nov 5th
Oct 25 60% 1 November 5th only
Payments on the 20th
June 10 10% 6 June-Nov 20th
July 11 10% 5 July-Nov 20th
Aug 9 20% 4 Aug-Nov 20th
Sept 9 25% 3 Sept-Nov 20th
Oct 9 40% 2 Oct & Nov 20th
Nov 8 60% 1 November 20th only

NOTE: All down payments are processed immediately!


For additional information about the Moody Payment Plan, please log in to your Student Center and click on "Finances/Payment Plans/Refunds" or contact or (312) 329-4223.


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